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Archer Farms Caramel Machiatto
Archer Farms Kona
Archer Farms Vanilla Creme Brulee
Authentic Donut Shop Choc Chip Cookie
Authentic Donut Shop Original Roast
Barnie’s Coffee Creme Brulee
Barnie’s Coffee Santas White Christmas
Brooklyn Bean Boardwalk Blend
Brooklyn Bean Breakfast Blend
Brooklyn Bean Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bean Cinnamon Subway
Brooklyn Bean Coney Island Caramel
Brooklyn Bean Roastery Colombia
Brooklyn Bean Corner Donut Shop
Brooklyn Bean Roastery Cyclone
Brooklyn Bean Roastery Express -O
Brooklyn Bean Roastery French Roast
Brooklyn Bean Roastery Fuhgeddaboudit
Brooklyn Bean Roastery Hazelnut
Brooklyn Bean Roastery Maple Sleigh
Brooklyn Bean Roastery Oh Fudge
Brooklyn Bean Roastery Vanilla Skyline
Cake Boss Buddys Blend
Cake Boss Chocolate Cannoli
Cake Boss Chocolate Fudge Cake
Cake Boss Dulce De Leche
Cake Boss Hazelnut Biscotti
Cake Boss Italian Rum
Cake Cake Boss Raspberry Truffle
Cake Boss Vanilla Buttercream
Caza Trail Breakfast Blend
Caza Trail Coastal Blend
Caza Trail Creamy Hazelnut
Caza Trail Dark Roast
Caza Trail Donut
Caza Trail Extra Bold Medium Roast
Caza Trail French Vanilla
Caza Trail Hazelnut
Caza Trail Kona
Crazy Cups Bananas Foster
Crazy Cups Death By Chocolate
Crazy Cups Chocolate chipolte mole
Crazy Cups Frosted Oatmeal Cookie
Crazy Cups Chocolate Raspberry Truffle
Crazy Cups Pumpkin Vanilla Cream
Don Francisco’s Breakfast Blend

Don Francisco’s French Roast
Don Francisco’s Kona Blend
Don Francisco’s Vanilla Nut
Door County Pumpkin Spice
Guy Fieri Bananas Foster
Guy Fieri Caramel Apple Bread Pudding
Guy Fieri Chocolate Mint
Guy Fieri Hazelnut Cinnamon Roll
Guy Fieri Hot Fudge Brownie
Guy Fieri Guy's American Diner
Guy Fieri Redwood Roast
Hamilton Mills Cape Cod Roast
Hamilton Mills Hamilton House Blend
Hamilton Mills Heritage Blend
Hamilton Mills Mocha Swirl
Hamilton Mills Morning Roast
Hamilton Mills Toasted Cinnamon
Hamilton Mills Vanilla Bean
Hurricane Coffee Butter Toffee Tsunami
Hurricane Coffee Category 5
Hurricane Coconut Fudge Typhoon
Ignitor Double Caffeine Bold Roast
Java Factory Choconut
Java Factory Da Bomb
Java Factory Dark & Handsome
Java Factory Sinful Cinnamon
Java Factory Smooth Caffeinator
Java Factory Vanilla Dream
Java Factory Wakey Wakey
Martinson Breakfast Blend
Martinson Dark Blend
Martinson Donut Shop Blend
Martinson French Roast
Martinson Hazelnut
Martinson Joe’s Caramel Creme
Martinson Joe’s Cayman Coconut
Martinson Joe’s Hazelnut Creme
Martinson Joe’s Irish Creme
Martinson Joe's Italian Roast
Martinson Joe's Kona
Martinson Joe’s Mint ‘n’ Mocha
Martinson Joe’s Pumpkin Pie
Martinson Joe’s Tiramisu Twist
Martinson Joe’s Vanilla Velvet
Martinson Joe’s Winterfest
Tim Horton's Dark Roast
Tim Horton's French Vanilla
Tim Horton's Cafe & Bake Shop
Twisted pine Cafe Allonge French Roast
Twisted Pine Hawaiian Blend

Twisted Pine Super Fudge
Twisted Pine Titletown Brew

Grove Square Caramel Cappuccino
Grove Square French Vanilla Cappuccino
Grove Square Hazelnut Cappuccino
Grove Square Pumpkin Cappuccino

KrogerCaramel Cappuccino

Kroger French Vanilla Cappuccino

Kroger Hazelnut Cappuccino

Caza Trail Iced Tea & Lemonade
Caza Trail Sweet Iced Tea
Indulgio Citrus Iced Tea
Luzianne Sweet Iced Tea
Luzianne Unsweetened Iced Tea

Authentic Donut Shop Vanilla Hazelnut DECAF
Brooklyn Bean Breakfat DECAF
Cake Boss Dulce De Leche DECAF
Caza Trail Breakfast Blend DECAF
Cafejo Caramel Creme DECAF
Cafejo French Roast DECAF
Cafejo Hazelnut Creme DECAF
Cafejo Vanilla Bean DECAF
CoffeeIcon Butter Toffee Crunch DECAF
CoffeeIcon German Chocolate Cake DECAF
CoffeeIcon Maple French Toast DECAF
CoffeeIcon Texas Pecan Pie DECAF
Crazy Cups Bananas Foster Flambe DECAF
Crazy Cups Caramel Pecan Cluster DECAF
Crazy Cups Chocolate Coconut Dream DECAF
Crazy Cups Chocolate Raspberry Truffle DECAF
Crazy Cups Crazy Jamaican Java DECAF
Crazy Cups Frosted Oatmeal Cookie DECAF
Crazy Cups Italian Chocolate Cheesecake DECAF

Double Donut Caramel Swirl DECAF
Double Donut Cinnamon Bun DECAF
Double Donut Glazed Donut DECAF
Double Donut Hazelnut DECAF
Double Donut Mocha Nut Fudge DECAF
Double Donut Vanilla Bean DECAF
Granite Peak Double Dark DECAF
Guy Fieri Unleaded DECAF
Martinson DECAF Vanilla Hazelnut

Maud’s French Toast Roast DECAF
Maud’s Gone Bananas Foster DECAF
Maud’s Hottie Biscotti Vanilla Almond DECAF
Maud’s Jamaican Rum Yum DECAF
Maud’s Sister Hazelnut DECAF
Maud’s Raspberry Choco Latte DECAF

Twisted Pine Creme Brulee DECAF
Twisted Pine Irish Cream DECAF
Twisted Pine Hawaiian Hazelnut DECAF

Grove Square Spiced Apple Cider
Grove Square Caramel Apple Cider

Grove Square Chai Latte
Harney & Sons Black Tea
Harney & Sons Earl Grey Tea
Harney & Sons Egyptian ChamomileTea
Harney & Sons Green Tea With Coconut Tea
Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon  Tea
Harney & Sons Peppermint Herbal Tea
Harney & Sons Tropical Green Tea
Higgins & Burke Chamomile Mint & Lemongrass Tea
Higgins & Burke Orange Pekoe Tea
Higgins & Burke Peppermint Tea
Higgins & Burke Loose Leaf Bergamia Grey Tea
Higgins & Burke Loose Leaf Chamomint Moon Tea
Higgins & Burke Loose Leaf Kaziranga Chai Tea
Higgins & Burke Loose Leaf Lush Berry Tea
Higgins & Burke Loose Leaf Roaring Black Tea
Higgins & Burke Loose Leaf Tame Black Tea
Prospect Brooklyn Breakfast Tea
Prospect Chamomile Chill Tea
Prospect Duke of Earl Grey Tea
Prospect Golden Dragon Tea
Prospect Graffiti Burst Tea
Prospect Green Power Tea
Prospect Himalayan Spring Tea
Prospect Lemon Taxi Tea
Prospect Park Decaf Green Tea
Prospect Peppermint Heights Tea
Prospect Vanilla Chai Tea
Prospect White Bengal Darjeeling Tea
Skinny Girl Chocolate CHai Latte TEA

Brooklyn Bean Campfire Hot Cocoa
Brooklyn Bean Carnival Hot Cocoa
Brooklyn Bean Mexican Hot Cocoa
Brooklyn Bean Midnight Hot Cocoa
Brooklyn Bean Peanut Butter Hot Cocoa
Charlestown Chew Chocolate Nougat Hot Cocoa
Charlestown Chew Strawberry Nougat Hot Cocoa
Charlestown Chew Vanilla Nougat Hot Cocoa
Crazy Crups Dulce De Leche Hot Coca
Grove Square Dark Hot Chocolate
Grove Square Milk Hot Chocolate
Grove Square Irish Cream Cocoa
Grove Square Peppermint Cocoa
Grove Square Salted Caramel Cocoa
Guy Fieri Caramel Hot Cocoa
Torani Peppermint Bark Hot Cocoa
Torani S’mores Hot Cocoa
Charleston Chew Hot Cocoa
Junior Mints Hot Cocoa
Sugar Babies Hot Cocoa
Tootsie Roll Hot Cocoa

Tassimo T-Disc Flavor List

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Single Serve Cup Flavor List